How do I set up my classroom?

My students don’t have email addresses.  How do I set up their NCLab accounts?

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Hi Ethel,

You can always create what we call enumerated accounts from your Classroom Setup menu.  This is Option 3:
Generate New Student Accounts.

On the next screen, select the number of accounts you need, and what password type you would like.

The third screen shows the list of names and passwords.  Download this as a spreadsheet file.

All your students need is one of these names and its password to log in.

If they forget their password, you can change it by clicking on their name in My Students, then “Reset Password” at the bottom of the screen.

Note:  these are “dependent” accounts associated with your school.  They cannot be transferred to another institution.   They are also completely anonymous and cannot correspond directly with NCLab.

Hope that helps!  For more information on My Students, check out the Webinar entitled  NCLab Accounts, Groups, Clubs, and Students.

Commented on May 15, 2018.
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