Can you do a Deep Dive for the Visual Intro to Python course?

My coding club is going to take the Python I (Visual Intro to Python) course.  I remember you did a Deep Dive for the Karel Course.  Can you do one for Visual Intro?

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Yes we can!  This course is more intensive than Karel, so to get started, here is  a deep dive into Unit 1.   It should take your club about 10 hours if they do a project or two in the Python Turtle app. We’ve included some background information on the XY coordinate plane.

Here is the YouTube recording of the live webinar:

Webinar 13 Deep Dive Into NCLab’s Visual Intro to Python Course Unit 1

Here is the webinar slide show which you can use to present this information:

Deep Dive into Visual Intro to Python Unit 1 Slide Show

And a PDF version of the slide show:

Deep Dive into Visual Intro to Python Unit 1 Slide Show (PDF)

Here is a packet (PDF) that you can print or share.  We recommend sharing the packet electronically so that the links are usable. It  includes instructions for offline games that build understanding of the XY coordinate grid and links to several Python Turtle projects.

Deep Dive Into Visual Intro to Python Unit 1 Packet (PDF)

Finally, here is a printable list of commands used in Unit 1 (the link is included in the packet), as requested by our webinar participants:

Python Turtle List of Commands for Unit 1 (PDF)

This really is a fun way to learn coding!

Commented on May 29, 2019.
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