RE: We need some simple, printable 3D modeling projects. Any ideas?

Hi there,

Thanks for the Karel Earth Day project!  I was wondering if you have some printable 3D modeling projects we could do?  Our library has a MakerBot.

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Here is a simple project based on flowerpots.  Flowerpots are made of basic shapes and can be coded in both 3D Modeling and the Python Turtle App.  The printed pots could be gifts, seed starters, or as part of miniature gardens.   You can use the project to teach design principles and the design process!

This webinar walks through the slide show and demonstrates several examples:

NCLab Library Webinar 11 3D Modeling: Flower Pot Design

Here is the slide show as a PDF

3D Modeling_ A Flowerpot Design

and as a slide show

3D Modeling: A Flowerpot Design

Last, here are some files you can try out in the PLaSM (3D Modeling) and Python Turtle apps:

Library Webinar 11 3D Modeling Flowerpot Design Sample Files

These are great exercises for beginners, who can play with the numbers, and for people taking the Visual Intro to Python and 3D Modeling courses.

There are lots of hints in the webinar and slide show to help with the printing aspect.  Enjoy!


Commented on April 3, 2019.
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