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Can you give me a list of what it takes to build just one drone? I see the parts list but am not sure exactly what to order for one drone .

lawillia Created on April 19, 2018 in Camps.
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Hi Lawilla,


Some of the parts are sold in sets,  so if you are only building one drone, the cost will be higher using the same parts list.  It doesn’t hurt to have the extra motors and propellers anyway.

The cost of parts works out to roughly $80 if you buy the pack of 5 batteries, or $72 if you only buy two individual batteries (they run about $5 each)   I recommend buying two so that you have one on the charger and one on the drone.    The TATTU 220mAh 3.7V 45C 1S1P Lipo Battery Pack with JST-PH Connector and Inductrix 150mAh 1S 3.7V 45C LiPo Battery  (the original) are good part numbers to check.

You will also need the BLADE MLP4DSM 4CH Transmitter to control the drone.  I noticed that this has gone up in cost to about $42.




Commented on April 20, 2018.
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