RE: Is NCLab for all ages?

I have a group of coders age 7 to 9 and another group age 10-14.   Which courses are best for these groups?

Petr Lukas Created on October 16, 2017 in Individuals.
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NCLab is best for users age 10 and up.


We have found that younger users may not have the typing skills or abstract reasoning required to make solid progress.   However, each individual is different:  one of our most successful Karel users was in 3rd grade.

One possibility is to pair a younger user with a parent or an older kid.  Take turns being the Navigator (the person who reads the instructions and suggests the way to go), and the Driver (the person who types the commands and uses the mouse).   This is great for developing communication skills, increases engagement, and decreases frustration.

The older group (Age 10-14) should do well.  It helps to be familiar with a few math concepts, such as negative numbers and decimals, when learning Python I and 3D Modeling.

Commented on October 16, 2017.
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