RE: How do you encrypt information? Can we practice encryption while we learn Python?

We are just starting to work with text files in Python.  I’d like some ideas to make it more exciting, maybe create secret codes?

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80% of data on the web is in the form of text strings, so text string operations are very important.  Here are some materials you can use with your coding group that introduces some basic ideas in encoding, encryption and hashing.

Here is a link to a recorded webinar on Youtube:

Library Webinar 12 Python Encryption

Here is the slide show used in the webinar, as a PDF

Webinar 12 Python Encryption (PDF)

Or as a Google Slide slide show

Webinar 12 Python Encryption Slide Show

And some files that can be opened in the viewer or uploaded to the desktop:

Webinar 12 Python Text File Examples



Commented on May 3, 2019.
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