RE: As we work through the 3D Modeling Course, we need advice on building our own 3D modeling projects. How do we prepare the files for 3D printing?


Getting your 3D model from the idea stage, through modeling building, 3D printing, and finishing has its challenges.  In the attached webinar, you can learn about common printing methods and their requirements.  Then we take a look at designing with visual, engineering and computation criteria.  Finally, we walk through the entire process using a modeling flowchart as a guide for coding and modeling clubs, camps and classes. 

Watch the YouTube video using this link:

Here is a PDF of the slide show which you can use in your classes and trainings:

Webinar 8: 3D Modeling and Printing with NCLab

A little advice:

If your learners are at least in Unit 2 in the course, they will understand how to move and rotate 3D objects.  These skills will help them build models that are better suited to printing.

Play with app and the list of commands, and create small models first.  Then use the flowchart to guide more serious or collaborative projects.  This more disciplined approach  will also prepare your learners for advanced manufacturing, engineering, and other STEM careers.

Commented on June 6, 2018.
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